The Rich Kit


[Our vision]

– is to bring you the coolest cycling kits from all over the globe. We carefully handpick premium quality cycling apparel from brands that want to stand out. We don’t want to ride in boring designs – we want to look good and ride faster. That is why we have created The Rich kit. We only pick kits that we love  – and garantee that you will too. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe.

Our current selection features three brands:


This Australian based company is all about style and quality. Established in 2012 in Sydney by Stevan Musulin and Greg Hamer with a clear vision: To combine Australian street fashion-forward style with Italian craftsmanship. This strong combination has really put Attaquer on the map! The company both brings head-turning exetravagent designs, but is also producing more subtle stylistic kits. Whatever you prefer, Attaquer’s got you covered, and the quality is always impeccable.


Velocio started out producing women kits. They have had huge succes with their gender specific kits and were sponsoring the UCI Women’s Team VELOCIO-SRAM for the 2015 season. Building on their succes, Velocio is now making kits for both men and women. They collaborate with MITI to have the best lycra for all of their products. The design process is taken care of by the american brand, but production is left to the Italian experts.


Formed from the big cycling culture scene in Melbourne is The Pedla. They have chosen three keywords that describes their brand perfectly: Perfomance, Style and Culture. All three components are crucial when The Pedla is putting out new designs and kits. This Austrilian based company has teamed up with Italian and Swizz collaborators the create high performance cycling clothes. They take making kits very seriously, because they know that you are serious about pedalling!

Cycling. Passion. Fashion